Carousel Feature and Release Log

This blog is where you can keep up-to-date with the latest feature releases and updates from Carousel.

Release 22.01.3:

🕐 24th January 2022

🔲 Platinum (🤖 MIS-integrated):

🤖➕🧑‍🏫 New ‘ADD ALL TEACHERS’ button for Users table

A new button in the Users tab allows Platinum admins with MIS integration to add all the teachers in the MIS to the Users table in one go.

Release 21.12.3:

🕐 22nd December 2021

🔶 Gold & 🔲 Platinum:

🖥 Whiteboard Quizzes

New Whiteboard Quiz feature allows for the quick preparation of single-use quizzes in the classroom.

Release 21.12.1:

🕐 18th November 2021

⚪️ Silver, 🔶 Gold & 🔲 Platinum:

🖍 Remove spellcheck from student answers

🤖 Automark “don’t know” as a wrong answer

Red underlining warning students of spelling mistakes has been disabled, and answers given as “I don’t know” and its multiple variants will be automatically marked wrong.

🔲 Platinum

🔦 Addition of filtering to the Users tab to make finding specific users easier

Users can now type names into the filter box to filter down the number of visible users.

🔲 Platinum (non-MIS integrated)

❌ Permanently delete students who have been removed from all classes

Users can now permanently delete students (and all associated data) who have been removed from all classes.

Release 21.11.1:

🕐 3rd November 2021

🔲 Platinum: Analysis tool — Heatmap option

🔥 The heatmap option is now available to be activated in the Analysis tables, for quick visual identification of the results.

🔲 Platinum: Analysis tool — Export to CSV

🧑‍💻 The Analysis data tables can now be exported as a CSV file for use in spreadsheets and other data analysis packages.

⚪️ Silver, 🔶 Gold & 🔲 Platinum: Subjects added to the Carousel Subject List:

🪨 ‘Geology’

🌿 ‘Outdoor Education’

🏢 ‘Public Services’

🏥 ‘Health and Social Care’

‘Other’ (which can be used for intervention groups and additional classes)




Carousel is a retrieval practice and online quizzing tool that helps students to embed knowledge in their long-term memory.

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Carousel Learning

Carousel Learning

Carousel is a retrieval practice and online quizzing tool that helps students to embed knowledge in their long-term memory.

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