This blog is where you can keep up-to-date with the latest feature releases and updates from Carousel.

Release 21.12.1:

🕐 18th November 2021

⚪️ Silver, 🔶 Gold & 🔲 Platinum:

🖍 Remove spellcheck from student answers

🤖 Automark “don’t know” as a wrong answer

Red underlining warning students of spelling mistakes has…

Whole Class Feedback Report (part of Carousel Gold)

If we’re being honest, the level of interest that the teaching community has shown in Carousel since it launched has taken even us by surprise. Nearly 10,000 teachers have come on board, and many of these early adopters have gone out of their way to test early versions, respond to…

A few weeks ago we sent out an email requesting your input into our plans for Carousel GOLD. Over 400 of you responded, giving us thoughtful, insightful, constructive feedback on loads of different aspects of Carousel, including the new tiers for Gold, and your opinions on price. …

Carousel Learning

Carousel is a retrieval practice and online quizzing tool that helps students to embed knowledge in their long-term memory.

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